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Mehackit is a social business leveraging and contributing to
open source technologies and their creative use in highschools. 

Our mission is to democratize access to technology by empowering young people:
experience creative control over technology instead of merely assimilating to it!

Our core team consists of creative technology and technology education professionals, media artists and pedagogs. Our course instructors are an enthusiastic, amazing group of technology students.

“The Mehackit high school course feels
really different from other courses in high school.
You get to actually build things yourself.”

-Student, Lahden Lyseo

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Mehackit in numbers:

Founded: 2014
Core team: 8
Course Instructors: 50
Schools: 100
Students: 2000
Countries: 4


"No one knows what skills are needed in the future - the best we can do is give kids a set of creativity, engineering, discovery and excitement to help them navigate in a world that is not built yet."


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