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Mehackit offers high school courses and events where young adults get to know programming through art and hardware creations!

The beginner-friendly content helps to build technological self confidence and empower new makers. 

13.02.2016 15-20-vuotias! Vielä ehtii hakea mukaan @mehackit ja @emmamuseum taide-hackathoniin - haku loppuu 20.2 !
10.02.2016 @Hamatti Yes! Thanks Juhis, working on it - meanwhile here is the right link :) Good night!
05.02.2016 Sonic Pi Doodle of the Day 2: Amen Breakbeat #sonicpi #livecoding #music #creativecoding -

Mehackit in your school?

Mehackit is an introductory high school course in creative technology. We offer support and help (with real people) to get the course off the ground. Right now, we’re looking for more high schools to join the program! Find out more below.

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We also make sort of epic events.
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Norwich City 1.2.2016 (UK)

EMMA Art Hack 25-27.2.2016

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